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How to install the refrigerators in your garage to save money and energy

How to install the refrigerators in your garage to save money and energy

A new survey shows the cost of installing refrigerators at your garage could be reduced by half if you install them in a garage that is protected from the elements.

The Washington-based Institute for Energy Research (IER) found that by adding a refrigerator, a garage could save $50 to $100 per month in energy use compared to a standard refrigerator, and the savings could be even larger for older homes.

“If you’re just looking at a garage with a standard unit, it could save up to $150 per month,” said IER’s lead author, Dr. Mark D. Ewing.

“If you’ve got an older garage with more storage space, it’s up to another $250 per month.

So if you’re looking at older buildings, it makes sense to look at older storage space.”

According to Ewing, the savings are possible because refrigerators tend to be less expensive to install than other types of refrigerators because they have less weight and can store a greater amount of water.

“You don’t need to put a lot of refrigerants in a room with no airflow, just a little,” Ewing said.

“The water will sit out there, and that’s fine.”IER analyzed data from more than 7,000 homeowners in Washington, D.C., and found that if you have a garage installed in accordance with the guidelines, the cost per month is $38 less than a typical garage.

“The savings are really really, really great,” Eward said.

“With a standard garage, if you’ve had one for a long time, it can get really expensive, because you’re investing in a lot more space, so there’s less energy that can be used to store that water.”

While it’s unlikely that the savings would be realized overnight, Ewing added that he’s optimistic about the potential.

“When you’ve done your research and you understand the benefits and you know what the savings will be, then I’m optimistic that the next time you’re out on the street you’ll be able to save even more,” Ewick said.

For more information about refrigerators and the effects they have on air quality, visit the IER website.

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