UK’s biggest internet retailer has pulled the plug on its entire range of refrigerator parts

UK’s biggest internet retailer has pulled the plug on its entire range of refrigerator parts

By The Associated PressA leading online retailer has suspended its entire refrigeration unit line, leaving customers without access to a range of key components and leaving thousands of customers without the products they needed.

Jenn Air, a British-owned online retailer that has an online presence in more than 190 countries, said in a statement that it had decided to end its refrigeration and air-conditioning unit sales after a review of the supply chain.

Jenny Williams, a spokeswoman for the retailer, said the decision to end all sales of refrigerators and air conditioners in the U.K. was made after an extensive analysis of the logistics and supply chain to determine the impact of the current uncertainty on customers and suppliers.

Jens’ decision came after the company announced last month that it would halt the sale of refrigeration units, and it is not clear what customers could order or get.

The retailer had a limited supply of air conditioner units, which were sold through a third-party distributor, Williams said.JENN AIR said it is continuing to operate as normal.

The U.S. company had previously announced that it was shutting down its air-con unit business and would sell its air condition and refrigerator units through a second-tier distributor, but Williams said it would continue to sell air condition units through its own subsidiary, JensAir.JENS AIR did not provide further details on what parts would be affected.

A Jens spokeswoman declined to comment on the specifics of the company’s decision.JENNY WILLIAMS, JENS AIR: We’re continuing to be fully supportive of our suppliers, and we will continue to support our suppliers.

We will continue doing that, but we can’t just be happy with what we have in the store.

The store is not where our customers want to be.

I think we have to have a balance in the system where we support suppliers, but if you look at the whole chain, it’s a whole lot of suppliers.

I can’t say how many people will lose their refrigeration, but I can tell you that it’s going to affect a lot of people, I think.

Williams said Jens Air has received many customer complaints from customers in the past, including that the products were not what they had hoped for.

The announcement was made on Tuesday and was made public by Jens on Thursday.

Jens said it had received many feedback from customers on its social media channels about the impact that this change would have on the supply of refrigerator and air conditioning units.

Williams also said the company was committed to meeting customer expectations in the future, and that Jens is taking all measures necessary to address the supply disruption.

I understand that the supply chains are difficult and that you have to put in the extra effort to keep your products and services coming, Williams added.

Jenna Pemberton, an executive at Jens, said it was still in the process of reviewing the impact on the company and its suppliers, as well as its customers, and making decisions about its future supply plans.

The company said it will continue providing customers with a range, including air condition, refrigerator and freezer products, as it continues to support them.

The move comes amid uncertainty about the U,S.

presidential election, and concerns about the safety of some products made by Jenn Air.

Last week, the company halted production of air conditioning unit parts after concerns arose about a faulty component that may have caused the fire at a Jens factory in China.

A senior Jens executive told reporters on Wednesday that the company would work closely with suppliers to address concerns.

In a statement, Jenny Williams said:We continue to work closely, including with suppliers, to resolve the issues with the air conditioning and refrigerator products in our stores and have provided additional support to customers as they continue to access the products.

We are committed to delivering our products and providing our customers with the highest level of service possible.JONES AIR, an online retailer with operations in more 50 countries, was also unable to respond to questions about the shutdown, including what customers might be able to order for their air condition or refrigerator.

The online retailer is a subsidiary of Jens.

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