Why I’m not buying the ‘Frigidaire’ fridge filter

Why I’m not buying the ‘Frigidaire’ fridge filter

The “Frigidas” fridge filter from Perry has been a staple in the team’s refrigerator since the 1970s.

In its current iteration, Perry says the filter’s “refrigerant” material is made from a biodegradable material called a polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Perry’s filter uses the PET to absorb heat from the refrigerator and the refrigerant to provide cooling.

“We have used PET for more than 70 years in refrigeration products,” Perry spokesperson David Sacks said in a statement.

“The PET in the filter works by absorbing heat in the container and conveying it to the surface of the food.

This material is a biocompatible material and has been in use for over 70 years.

It has proven to be a safe and effective material for commercial applications.”

The company also said that the material used in its filter is not toxic.

But there are some concerns with the company’s use of PET as a material.

“Pet is a highly toxic material, and we are aware of several cases of pets ingesting PET in food,” Perrys spokesperson, Emily Brown, said in an email to The Associated Press.

“While it is not known whether the pet ingested PET, we cannot support the use of this material in our products.”

In the United States, PET is still used in commercial kitchens, but not all restaurants are aware that it is a potential food additive.

The Environmental Working Group said in 2016 that “petrochemicals, such as PET, are the most widely used food additive in the United State.”

Perry is also one of many companies that use a synthetic rubber material called polyethylenimide to make their refrigerant filters.

In a statement, Perrys said that it uses the same rubber in its filters, but added that “it does not meet FDA guidelines for food additives and is not suitable for use as a food additive.”

A Perry spokeswoman did not respond to requests for comment.

The Perry company is also behind a new product that uses PET in its refrigerant.

The “Hoggy” fridge is a fridge-style refrigerator with a glass door and plastic exterior.

The company says the Hoggy fridge filter uses PET to protect its plastic container from heat, while also keeping the fridge open and ventilated.

The product is available in three flavors: “Huge,” “Large” and “Small,” according to Perry.

“Hogs” are typically found in the South, according to a Perry press release.

But the company says that there is a wide variety of Hoggy types, ranging from the more compact “HOGS” to the larger “HUGE” Hoggy.

“These Hoggy type refrigerants are available in two sizes, Small and Large,” Perries spokesperson, Beth Puckett, told The Associated Images.

“Small size, Hoggy size, Large size.

Hoggy, Hog, HOG, Hogg.”

The product can be purchased at the Perry website for $60.

“When we began this initiative with Hoggy,” Perreys spokesperson said, “we wanted to give consumers more choices in their refrigeration choices.

We want our products to be environmentally friendly and meet the nutritional and health standards of Perry and other brands that use the same materials.”

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