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Why Samsung refrigerator manual is still on sale

Why Samsung refrigerator manual is still on sale

The Samsung refrigerator was one of the best-selling products in the U.S. until it was discontinued in March 2017.

Samsung says it’s making some changes to the manual to help users understand how to use it, but it’s not clear if it’s working.

“This is something we have been working on and are making changes to,” said the Samsung representative, who asked not to be identified.

“We are not able to share the specifics of the changes.

We appreciate your understanding.”

Read moreWhat to know about Samsung fridge manual Samsung refrigerator products have been discontinued since the 2016 Samsung recall, but Samsung said it’s offering a free manual to customers who want to learn how to read it.

The manual, which Samsung says is designed for users who are new to the refrigerator, shows a chart that looks at how often a refrigerator can be operated.

A new refrigerator that is connected to a Samsung service or appliance may operate for a short time.

A refrigerator that’s connected to another appliance or service may not operate for more than 15 minutes.

“If you’re not a refrigerant user, this manual will help you understand how a refrigerator works,” Samsung said.

“When you’re a new refrigerator user, you’ll also learn about the difference between the manual and a store’s interactive LCD.”

The manual is available for free online at

The manual can be purchased for $25, which includes the basic manual, a free sample of the manual, and access to the interactive LCD.

A Samsung spokesperson said that customers can also pay $100 to have the manual customized to their needs.

The new manual is a big deal for Samsung, which has struggled to make any changes to its refrigerators.

The company has said that it’s now working to fix its problem with refrigerators that use battery-operated models.

Last year, Samsung recalled 1.4 million of its refrigerator models after a customer complained of a leak.

The company said it made the recall after a consumer alerted the company about a leak in a fridge that had been plugged into a wall outlet.

Samsung said the leak was caused by a faulty battery.

Samsung said that the problem was related to a faulty electrical circuit in the battery that connected to the fridge’s battery, which allowed a battery-powered fridge to run continuously when plugged into the wall outlet, even when the outlet was not connected to power.

The refrigerator also failed to shut off when the battery ran low.

Samsung has said it will replace the defective battery in all affected refrigerators by the end of 2017.

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