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You’ve never seen a lock like this before, say researchers

You’ve never seen a lock like this before, say researchers

The first lock of its kind, designed to protect refrigerators, has been developed in Sweden and will be used in Australia in 2018.

Key points:Lock has been designed to prevent unauthorized access to refrigeratorsThe lock has been tested successfully against the deadly SARS coronavirusThe lock is available in four sizesThe locks are built from aluminium, stainless steel, plastic and titanium, making it stronger than the traditional typeThe lock features a central hub which is connected to the lock with a flexible wire which can be pushed up and down by the user.

The lock was designed by a group of Swedish researchers led by Dr. Lene Lundberg and Dr. Henrik Rydstrom and has been in testing for more than six months.

“The lock we have in Sweden is a very special kind of lock.

The only lock that can be made of this type of material, this sort of high-tech, is a car key lock,” Dr Lundberg told ABC News.

The new lock is similar in size and shape to the car key locks on cars, which are usually made of steel, but are lighter and more durable.

“It’s very different from the standard car key which is just made of a hard plastic,” she said.

The key has a central slot which allows for a number of different functions.

“If you’re a security guard you want to know what time it is and whether it’s safe to enter,” Dr Rydsten said.

“You want to be able to change the locks, you want the security of the car to be guaranteed, and you want all your other things to be protected.”

Dr Lundberg said that the lock has already been tested against the coronaviruses SARS and the coronavet virus, which has claimed hundreds of lives around the world.

“There is an ongoing testing campaign going on to try to see if it works in terms of preventing people from coming into contact with these two viruses,” she explained.

“So we know that it is very safe and we are confident it is going to work in the long term.”

The lock will be available in six different sizes, including a standard size which is the standard size for cars, a compact size for refrigerators and a large size for power outlets.

“What you will get is a small lock that you can put on a door to keep people out, and then you will have a larger lock on the door and you can lock it to your wall,” Dr Lindgren said.

Lock is designed to resist corrosionThe lock’s design is also built to resist rust and corrosion, which can damage electronic components.

The locks use a material called titanium which is used in aircraft engines, to prevent corrosion and is a strong material that can withstand high temperatures.

“Titanium is a key material and it’s used in almost everything you can think of,” Dr Lene said.

“And the titanium is also a very good conductor of heat, so the steel itself will be completely unaffected by high temperatures.”

The new locks are expected to be on store shelves by the end of the year.

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