Why are the NHL’s top players so obsessed with ice?

Why are the NHL’s top players so obsessed with ice?

A month ago, a video surfaced of a couple of players wearing white shirts with the word “Ice” emblazoned across them.

The jersey featured a picture of the NHL logo on the front.

On Tuesday, the league released the video, which showed the players from the Vancouver Canucks, Colorado Avalanche, Los Angeles Kings and Pittsburgh Penguins wearing their jerseys without the word.

They’re not the only players in the league wearing the jersey without the logo, which is part of the league’s “branding” initiative.

The word is not used on the jersey because of its offensive nature.

The NHL is trying to make the logo more palatable to fans by making it clear that the logo isn’t a mark of the team.

“The logo is not a mark for the Vancouver organization.

It is not associated with the Canucks or any of the other NHL teams,” NHL spokesman Brian Burke said in a statement.

The league has also used the word on other jerseys, like the jersey of Vancouver Canucks center Nick Bonino.

“I’ve worn a few jerseys with the logo on them,” Bonino said on Twitter.

“Just because the word is on the back doesn’t mean the jersey is any more ‘branding.’

It is just a branding thing.””

We’re not trying to offend anyone.

It’s just that people want a bit of a ‘brand.'”

The NHL’s branding initiative has not gone unnoticed, either.

Earlier this month, the Washington Capitals unveiled a new jersey featuring the logo.

The NHL and the players have been working together to develop a new look for the league, which began with the 2007-08 season.

The logo is the only part of a uniform that remains unchanged.

The word on the backs of the Canucks jersey was added in September 2016.

“Our team has made a conscious decision to remove the word ‘Ice’ from its uniform,” Burke said.

“It’s a way to make it more clear that we are not associated and have no involvement in the Vancouver franchise.”

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