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How to make the perfect ice cube tray for your fridge

How to make the perfect ice cube tray for your fridge

A new ice cube trays, which are being touted by Samsung as “the next big thing” for the home, are getting a lot of attention on the social networking site Reddit, which is home to a massive community of ice cube fans.

The new ice trays are called “Samsung S3 Ice Cubes” and they are made from a silicone-coated silicone, which has been coated with a chemical called alkyl nitride.

They come with a “black” and “white” version of the silicone, and a white version for those who prefer to use the silicone white version.

The silicone-cased version is also cheaper, and can be purchased for just $30.

The silicone-coat version is cheaper, but requires a lot more maintenance and cleaning.

The white version is more expensive, but you can also find it on Amazon for around $80.

Samsung claims that the “white silicone” trays will last a year, and that the silicone-acrylic trays last up to 12 months, but there is no guarantee.

Samsung claims that they are safe for use in the fridge, but if you have a really bad cold or you just want to get rid of that moldy, old plastic ice cube, the silicone trays might not be the best option.

The company claims that “Samsung Ice Cubing” is a “fantastic alternative to plastic ice cubes,” but if the silicone version is the better option for you, there are still alternatives.

For instance, you can make your own silicone ice cubes at home using a spray bottle.

I used a spray can of silicone gel and a spray paint can of polyurethane.

The spray bottle works for a while, and it helps to seal the sides of the ice cube and prevents the mold from forming.

The “white plastic” version is slightly more expensive than the spray can version, but also requires a little more effort to make.

I also used a food-grade spray paint to make a “white version,” which is much easier to work with.

The plastic version also has the advantage of not molding and will last longer, though.

For more information on how to make your ice cube ice tray, visit Samsung’s website.

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