Who invented refrigerator? Who invented refrigerators?

Who invented refrigerator? Who invented refrigerators?

CNN has released a series of pictures showing the earliest known refrigerator.

This is not the first time that CNN has made a documentary series about the refrigerator, which was introduced in 1900 in France.

The original refrigerator was made by the French company Fagiol, which in turn was founded by Jean-Charles Fagiot and was eventually sold to a private company in the United States, a few years later.

The company then moved its headquarters to California and became known as the Fagion company.

Today, Fagio is a major player in the refrigeration industry, making the first commercially available refrigerator and providing a significant portion of the supply of refrigerant.

A picture taken in the Fagniot factory, France, in 1898.

In 1901, a patent was issued for the first refrigerator with a gas tank.

“It was an extremely powerful machine,” says historian Charles A. Korten of the University of Pennsylvania.

“It had a gas-pump, a pressurized tank, a gas line, and a boiler.

It was very powerful, but it was not the best machine.”

The refrigerator, Kortan explains, was a “huge, cumbersome, complicated, complicated machine” that was capable of holding about one ton of refrigerated water.

It had to be driven by a motor to get to the refrigerator.

The refrigerator needed to be powered by an electric motor, as well.

Karten says that while there are many different versions of the early refrigerator, most are “not quite as efficient” as the one that came to be known as Fagios.

Fagio produced a variety of refrigerator models, from simple gas-powered units that used only a single gas pump to larger electric units with more complicated equipment.

When the electric refrigeration of the future is being developed, there will be a number of other innovations that will make the process much more efficient, Kartan says.

Another famous refrigerator, a version that was manufactured by the American company New England Electric, came out in 1907.

That model was built by the German company Jugendbau and had a large gas-filled tank.

However, Kasten notes that many of the problems that led to the demise of the gas-electric model in the early 20th century were overcome with a simpler design that made the refrigerator much smaller.

As the gas tank capacity increased, so did the demand for the refrigerator and gas-fueled refrigeration became the norm.

New England Electric also developed the first electric refrigerators in 1910, which were much more powerful and could be driven more efficiently than the gas refrigeration that was being used.

By the early 1920s, many major companies had begun to develop refrigeration products with gas engines.

In 1926, the National Gas Company introduced the first gas-driven refrigerators, and by the 1930s, electric refrigerated refrigerators were beginning to be used in some large buildings.

This was the beginning of the modern refrigerator.

An electric refrigerator, pictured, is shown in a photo by Louis Lefebvre in 1919.

It has a gas pressure regulator.

Electric refrigeration has come a long way from the days of the primitive gas-fired refrigerators.

Some early electric refrigerating units were small, like the one in the picture above.

Most modern refrigerators are larger, like those that were developed in the 1920s and 1930s.

Even the most powerful refrigerator today, the Model 20, is a relatively small appliance that was only ever capable of handling about 1,000 pounds of refrigeration.

It also had to have a small gas-charged engine.

The earliest refrigerators used a single, large, electric pump.

What would the future look like for the refrigerant industry?

While the modern refrigeration technology is much more sophisticated, the gas engine is still not the only energy source for refrigeration, Kartsen says.

He says that in the future, there may be an increasing demand for fuel-efficient refrigeration devices.

One of the most significant advances in refrigeration is the gasification of water.

A gas-based refrigerant can be produced at a tremendous amount of energy, and because it is non-flammable, it can be used on a large scale for many different applications, Kontsens says.

The first gas powered refrigerators made from this technology were introduced in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

But they were very expensive and were not as effective as today’s refrigeration systems.

The gas engine had to run for a considerable amount of time, and the cost of gasoline was a huge factor in the lack of success of the technology.

While today, there are gas-activated refrigeration and refrigeration byproducts, they are not nearly as efficient as the gas in the original refrigerators that were built to use it. 

Another important advance in refrigerant technology is the use of a refrigerant to keep foods fresh longer

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