How to get a rv fridge for less than $300

RVs are being built in a bid to lower the cost of refrigeration, but they’re also going to cost you a lot more.The basic RV concept has been around for a long time, and in fact is based on a popular design in Japan.But the concept has become a lot less popular in the United States, where it’s still not […]

How to keep the best refrigerators for your family

LGM Smart fridge is one of the most popular brands of refrigerators available for use in homes.And it’s the most affordable.But there’s another smart refrigerator on the market which is significantly cheaper.These are the lowes refrigerator, which has a slightly larger surface area and comes with a built-in touchscreen that lets you search for food or use a calculator.We’ve put […]

Wine fridge rental

Wine refrigerators can be found all over the world, and there are a few things you need to know before you sign up.If you’re a wine lover, the basics of how to use them are in this guide.1.When you can have wine in your fridge, you should: The first rule of a wine fridge is never have it in the […]

When to take probiotics: The science

The bacteria in your fridge and in your food may not be exactly what you think, according to research.A recent study found that people who take probiotic supplements for 12 months or more had higher levels of the antibiotic clostridium difficile in their blood than those who did not.But the researchers said that the results are not conclusive, since the […]

Who invented refrigerator? Who invented refrigerators?

CNN has released a series of pictures showing the earliest known refrigerator.This is not the first time that CNN has made a documentary series about the refrigerator, which was introduced in 1900 in France.The original refrigerator was made by the French company Fagiol, which in turn was founded by Jean-Charles Fagiot and was eventually sold to a private company in […]

How to build a small fridge using simple DIY parts

The small fridge is a fixture of many households around the world.But building a smaller fridge can be challenging, and it’s even more challenging for new home builders.In this episode, we’ll explore how to build one with a basic understanding of plumbing, and the various parts you’ll need to assemble.You’ll learn how to wire up your fridge’s components and build […]

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